Alt Lu’ma
Non-Market Housing

Project Information

Location: 831 6th Street, New Westminster, BC

Start: July 1, 2022

Completion: July 1, 2024

Budget: $34,000,000

Principles Involved:
  • Owner: Aboriginal Land Trust Society (Lu’ma NHS & Swahili VIA)
  • General Contractor: VanMar Constructors 1098 Inc.
  • Architect: RLA Architects Inc.

Contact: Hugh Forster (Principal) Forster Development Holdco North Vancouver, BC Phone: 604-728-7771 | Email: [email protected]

Description of Project:

• 96-unit residential housing project.
• Single storey below grade parking and 6 stories above grade of housing units.
• Amenity space on level 1 with kitchen and lounge. Tenant laundry on each floor.
• Large outdoor amenity landscape area with patios and lawn area

Team Members
  • Adam Van Grootheest (VanMar)
  • Jeff Marin (VanMar)
  • Cody Voorhorst (VanMar)
  • Shawn Vandergaag (VanMar)
  • Greg Voute (RLA Architects Inc.)
  • Andrew Jones, Development Manager (Aboriginal Land Trust (Lu’ma Development Management Ltd.))