Construction Management

Expertise for fast-track projects.

As Construction Manager, VanMar acts as the key advisor, manager, and administrator of your project. This model is particularly effective when the final costs of your project cannot be determined accurately enough for general contracting, but you need to get construction, renovation, or a retrofit started. With this approach, you have the ability to start the physical work well before the final drawings have been completed to the stage that would be needed for price finalization for General Contracting.

When these types of projects are completed as stipulated-sum projects, then you, as the owner, are faced with change orders related to unforeseen conditions or changes for which there may be a premium to be paid. On the other hand, if you choose a fixed-price model for these types of projects, you will often pay a significant premium because the contractor will, in all likelihood, carry a large contingency to cover all of the risks on a worst-case basis. A contractor’s fee/markup is too low for them to take on the risk of a large cost overrun.

As construction managers, VanMar will do the following for you:

  • VanMar will help with the preliminary planning of the project’s construction requirements and provide expert advice on design, costing and scheduling.
  • VanMar will provide expertise in finding potential savings – for example, by identifying alternative materials and more efficient processes.
  • VanMar will plan and set the work schedule, as well as coordinate and supervise the work of trade contractors and ensure that all services and specialty trade contractors carry out the work as stipulated.
  • VanMar will help manage the project by providing clerical and technical services; by coordinating inspections, implementations, and deliveries; and by managing warranties issued by specialty trade contractors.

VanMar contracted under the Construction Management model for the following projects:

Pleasantvale 2

Kelowna, BC View

Wayne and William White Engineering Design Centre, UBC

Vancouver, BC View

St. Helen’s Hotel

Vancouver, BC View

Jamboree Motel Renovation

Williams Lake, BC View