Construction Services

Construction expertise beyond just building.

One of VanMar’s greatest strengths is the combined knowledge of our team. We are far more than just builders. Our expertise includes development management, design, design-build, as well as estimating and construction expertise. VanMar also utilizes powerful cloud-based project management software, which allows our team to capitalize on productivity and streamline our business processes in order to provide our clients with the best possible results.

VanMar has completed well over 6000 housing units and numerous commercial construction, institutional construction and healthcare construction projects. We have the experience to provide owners and design teams with leadership and knowledge, enabling them to deliver their desired project within their budget and time constraints.

Integrated Project Accounting

VanMar uses an integrated project accounting software to track all cost activities. Because we track all projects based on cost totals by job, year, month and week, we can identify such things as cost overruns and production issues before they become serious problems.

Construction Scheduling

VanMar uses the Critical Path Method (CMP) for scheduling. Once the construction masterschedule is prepared from the project estimate, it is tracked by the Project Manager weekly to monitor the status of the work in the field and to identify any potential delays or re-sequencing of tasks required to maintain the integrity of the original schedule.

Quality Management

We maintain a philosophy that rigorous quality control during each phase of construction ensures professional workmanship and a final product of the highest quality. Although this means additional supervision during construction, we believe it saves money in the long term by preventing deficient and poor quality work that eventually leads to costly repairs or ongoing warranty issues.

Commitment to Safety

VanMar Constructors is committed to health and safety at our workplaces. It is Management’s objective to maintain our workers right to a safe and healthy work environment. We expect everyone in our Company to cooperate and abide by this policy.

View our BC Company Safety Policy

Our Project Management Platform

VanMar utilizes Procore Construction Software, an integrated project management and financial platform. Our management platform allows our team to capitalize on productivity through:

  • Efficient processes: integrated systems with a single point of entry that puts the entire team on the same page, making it easy to share information across all project stakeholders.
  • Simplified document management for every step in a project life cycle.
  • Tender Process: post project information, search for and pre-qualify subcontractors and suppliers, send tender invitations, host and distribute project documents, track bid responses and issue project change information.
  • Subcontract management: create, track and manage subcontracts and view committed costs.
  • Centralized Data Storage: allows all trades, consultants, site staff and clients to access the most relevant and up to date information.
  • Integrated Procurement Control: all project deliverables such as submittals, shop drawings, critical activities required to execute the work in a timely manner, etc., are entered into the project management system and tracked.
  • Integrated project accounting: to track all cost activities, revenue, contract amounts, estimates, costs, quantity totals, production information, subcontracts, etc.
  • Site Administration: all site administration such as Daily Work Reports, Quality Management Forms, Shop Drawing review, etc., is managed on the same software system.
  • Transparency: through real-time access to data our team and senior management can evaluate the status of your project at a glance.