Maxxine Wright Centre
Mixed Use

Project Information

Location: 13739 on 92 Ave, Surrey, BC

Start: January 19, 2009

Completion: December 8, 2010

Budget: $11,850,000

Principles Involved:
  • Building Owner: Atira Women's Resource Society
  • Contractor: VanMar Constructor Inc.
  • Architect: Davidson Yuen Simpson Architecture

Contact: Janice Abbot Atira Women's Resource Society 101 East Cordova Street, Vancouver, BC, V6A 1K7 Phone: 604-331-1407 | Fax: 604-688-1799

Description of Project:
  • VanMar Constructors Inc. was selected as Construction Manager at Risk.
  • 2 buildings consisting of 36 residential units (27,270 sq.ft.) and 6,727 sq.ft. for a daycare and 6,716 sq.ft. for medical offices totalling 47,426 sq.ft.
  • Program Building: 1 storey concrete SOG with a 2 storey wood frame built on top.
  • Residential Building: SOG with a 4 storey wood frame.
  • A combination of metal siding and hardie board.
  • Metal roof and SBS flat roofing.
  • LEED Gold.
Team Members
  • Art Van Maren (VanMar)
  • Shawn Vandergaag (VanMar)
  • Robert Horvath (VanMar)
  • Dick Stout (Davidson Yuen Simpson Architecture)
  • Janice Abbot (Atira Women's Resource Society)