Peachland Seniors Housing
Non-Market Housing

Project Information

Location: 4445 6th St., Peachland, BC

Start: September 18, 2017

Completion: February 4, 2019

Budget: $11,000,000

Principles Involved:
  • Owner: Peachland Seniors Support Society
  • General Contractor: Vanmar Constructors 1078 Inc
  • Architect: Phil MacDonald Architecture Inc.
Description of Project:
  • A 74 unit senior’s rental apartment located in Peachland.
  • 5 levels of wood frame
  • 5 H/C accessible units, 57 one bedroom units, and 12 two bedroom units
  • Large amenity space on the main level
  • 800 sq/ft detached shed for bikes, scooters, and yard maintenance storage
  • Common area sunrooms located on L4 and L5 overlooking lake Okanagan
Team Members
  • John Owen (VanMar)
  • Jeff Marin (VanMar)
  • Cody Voorhorst (VanMar)
  • Mike Denbok (VanMar)
  • Phil MacDonald (Phil Macdonald Architecture)
  • Elsie Lemke, Chief Administrative Officer (District of Peachland)