The Healing Lodge
Non-Market Housing

Project Information

Location: 31 West Pender Street, Vancouver, BC

Start: January 6, 2011

Completion: June 1, 2013

Budget: $8,100,000

Principles Involved:
  • Building Owner: Vancouver Native Housing Society and the Provincial Housing Corporation
  • Contractor: VanMar Constructors Inc.
  • Architect: Joe Y. Wai Architect Inc.

Contact: Mike Egan Independent Inspector 2280 East 3rd Avenue, Vancouver, BC, V5N 1J1 Email: [email protected]

Description of Project:
  • Van Mar Constructors Inc. was selected as Construction Manager-at-Risk on a competitive proposal call
  • 7 Storey Cast in Place Concrete Structure with 24 Healing Suites and 13 Supportive Living Suites
  • Glass Panelled Sidewalk showcasing Digital Aboriginal Artwork
  • Aboriginal Fair Trade Gallery
  • Commercial Kitchen and Aboriginal Workshop.
  • Extensive Hazmat Removal and Complex Demolition
  • Retention and Restoration of an Existing 3 Storey Heritage Façade
  • LEED Gold Targeted
Team Members
  • Jeff Marin (VanMar)
  • Joe Wai (Joe Y. Wai Architect Inc.)
  • Quin Wai (Joe Y. Wai Architect Inc.)
  • Naomi Brunemeyer (BC Housing)
  • Sarah Clark (BC Housing)
  • Shamir Bhatia (Terra Housing Consultants)