Villa Cathay Care Home

Project Information

Location: 970 Union Street, Vancouver, BC

Start: March 5, 2018

Completion: March 31, 2022

Budget: $45,000,000

Principles Involved:
  • Owner: Villa Cathay Care Home Society
  • Design Build Contractor: VanMar Constructors 1058 Inc
  • Architect: JYW Architecture
  • Funding Partner: Vancouver Coastal Heath Authority (VCH)

Contact: Simon Davie (Principal) Terra Housing Consultants 1848 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC, V5N 4A5 Phone: 6046390472 | Email: [email protected]

Description of Project:
  • 10 Storey & 3 storey 224 Bed Complex Care Facility
  • The Villa Cathay & VanMar team won the Residential Care Beds through a competitive proposal call from VCH
  • Large Commercial Kitchen
  • Demolition in a 2 phased process working closely with Villa to ensure continuation of services
  • Unique neighborhood designs including maximizing use of space given set building requirements
  • Unique Asian theme design on the exterior of the building carrying to interior elements as well
  • Community space (arts, crafts, meeting rooms, etc) incorporated into the design
Team Members
  • Jeff Marin (VanMar)
  • Cody Voorhorst (VanMar)
  • Shawn Vandergaag (VanMar)
  • Martin Mahoney (VanMar)
  • Szuchi Lee, Executive Director (Villa Cathay Care Home Society)
  • Qi Wan, Principal (JYW Architecture Inc.)
  • Simon Davie, Principal (Terra Housing Consultants)
  • Sheila McLaughlin (Terra Housing Consultants)